FB Password Stealer

Hi folks!
Today I wanna show you a powerful piece of software I made. This software is REALLY capable of stealing people’s Facebook password.

You can find tons of programs that promise you to steal a Facebook password just entering the victim’s email in a form and clicking a button… That’s bullshit! If it was so easy no one would be safe.

So how can my program steal passwords for real? Simple! Here’s how it works:
– Unzip FB Password Stealer on your computer and run it.
– It will look like the program doesn’t actually start (it won’t show any window), but that’s ok, because it just reads and stores your IP address and terminate the execution, so no user interaction is required.
– Now that the program knows your computer’s address it is ready to steal passwords. Copy FB Password Stealer on an USB Stick (NOTICE: it must be the same file you ran on your computer).
– Plug your USB stick into the victims computer and run FB Password Stealer on their machine.
When you run FB Password Stealer on a victim’s computer it silently installs itself (again, it won’t show any window) and patiently waits for the victim to log into Facebook… When this happens it simply logs which keys the victim pressed and sends the log to your computer.

You will find the Facebook passwords of all your victims in a file named C:/fbpasswords.txt
Easy as that!

– Completely silent, no pop-ups, no messages… You’ll know everything worked when you’ll find the passwords on your harddrive!
– Works with every browser
– Works with every Windows version
– Works even if victim’s pc is rebooted
– Lightweight
– Stealth!
– Completely FREE!!

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?7pinejo0jrx1q61

Note: some antivirus programs might detect FB Password Stealer as a virus. That’s normal as password stealing IS a malicious activity, so you can just ignore the warnings.

This program is a Proof of Concept, I’m not responsible of how you will use it. Remember that stealing someone’s password without their permission is illegal.

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